Author’s Note

This series, SPEAKING ENGLISH, published by Redeemer Publications, has been written to help students in schools to learn to speak the English Language right from the beginning of their entry into school. The National Education Policy (NEP) has rightly urged schools and teachers to teach languages as they should be taught. Hence, the Learning Outcomes in the area of Speaking Skill development envisages competence in the ever-fluctuating area of speaking competence. This means that the student must become confident and proficient in the actual use of the language, for a language is, first and foremost, for effective communication. Now, speaking is the primary mode of communication in any language. The writing skill has followed later and it has its own specialized skills-set.

Soon a CD of the spoken version will be issued in order to help students, teachers and parents in correct pronunciation, stress of words and intonation. Thus, this series of Conversation pieces will benefit children to get into the speaking mode and thus to develop confidence. Remember that a fluent speaker in any language can carry the day, the argument, the crowd, and ultimately the nation